Miss Caunter

Term 6

Our final term in 1BC and we have been very busy!


This term in 1BC, we have been focusing on our local area and thinking about where we live. We have been helping the Jolly Postman get to know Whitchurch. In our Geography lessons, we have had a go at orienteering around our school by using a map. We then used our map knowledge to be able to create our own for the Jolly Postman to follow as well as creating journey sticks. We were then able to retell our journey by looking at the different objects that we had collected.


We have thoroughly enjoyed learning the story of the Jolly Postman this term. We have used this story to inspire our own writing. We had a go at retelling the story with a slight twist by adding in different characters that the Jolly Postman could visit along the way. We have also had a go at writing our own persuasion letter and we have thought about how we can persuade others to visit Faraway Land.


In Maths this term, we have explored telling the time to the hour and half past the hour. We have also worked on handling money. We now know the value of different coins and notes, we challenged ourselves to have a go at being independent iguanas during cash for Kenya and had a go at spending our own money wisely.


During our RE lessons, this term we have been focusing on the religion Christianity and have been thinking about places that are sacred and special to Christians. We were lucky enough to have visitors from encounter Christianity who came in to teach us all about church and what we might see and do within a church. We even got to make our own churches at the end!

Term 5

This Term in 1BC we have been focusing on the story Oliver’s Vegetables. We enjoyed reading the story and had a go at changing the story by adding interesting adjectives and similes with a range of new vegetables that Oliver could find.


During our Science lessons, we have been exploring plants. We have learnt the different parts of a plant and the job of each part as well as what plants need to be able to grow. Using our knowledge, we have had a go at growing our own plants. We predicted what we thought our seeds were growing to grow in to. Keep an eye out to see what they are!


We have enjoyed planning and creating an exciting fruit dish for Oliver to eat in our DT lessons. We have thought about making sure our fruit dish is tasty and looks appealing by using the colours of the rainbow. We have learnt how to handle knives carefully when cutting and have thought about how to be safe and hygienic in a kitchen.


In our Maths, lessons this term we have been learning how to make and share equal groups of numbers using arrays. We are also working hard on finding halves and quarters of different shapes and numbers by sharing into 2 and 4 equal groups.


We have been fortunate this term to be given the chance to go and visit the SS Great Britain after learning about it last term. We really enjoyed exploring around the SS Great Britain. We learnt lots of new information about the SS Great Britain during our workshop and tour. We had great fun dressing up as passengers from the ship as well as being given the opportunity to help build the ship!

Term 4

 Another Term is flying by and in 1BC; we have continued to work incredibly hard in school. This term our topic is all about the famous historical figure Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We are really enjoying learning about Brunel and his creations and have been amazed as to how he had such an important impact on the lives of people back in the Victorian times and how it has impacted Bristol and us today. It was very exciting to find out that some of his greatest creations are here in Bristol and we have started to spot them when we are out with our family.


In English this term, we have loved looking at the story Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole. We have had to use our imagination and creativity to write postcards from Wonderland! We came up with lots of crazy ideas and had a blast thinking about what unusual things you would find there. Then we had a go at pretending to be the Mad Hatter and threw our own imaginary party, we had to create invitations and use descriptive language to describe what our party was like to our peers.


During our Science lessons, we have been carrying out a range of investigations. We started looking at which objects could sink or float and then we had to use our knowledge that we had learnt from Brunel about what makes a good boat. We are looking forward to creating our own boats using plasticine. We are going to have to make sure we carefully mould it into a shape that will float. We are then going to experiment to see whose boat can hold the most cargo. Make sure you ask us how we are getting on with our boats!



So far this term in our Maths lessons we have been exploring measuring. We have had a go at measuring length and height using non- standard units and rulers to measure with and we have had a go at measuring mass and weight using the balance scales.


In Music this term, we have been enjoying exploring new songs; our topic has been how does music make the world a better place? We have enjoyed singing and performing the song ‘if you’re happy and you know it’. We cannot wait to explore the song ‘big bear fun’ and learn to play a range of instruments to match it.

Term 3

This term we have been focusing on ‘What is amazing about African animals?’ in our science lessons we have been looking at a range of African animals and have been exploring their different features. We used their features to help us to classify and sort them into the different animal groups.


During our art lessons, we looked at different animal prints and had a go at creating our own. We drew our prints on to tiles and then had a go at using coloured ink to print them. Once our prints were completed, we cut them up and had a go at weaving them, this was tricky but we persevered like persevering penguins. We were very proud with the finished outcome.


In our English lessons we have explored a range of different texts, we enjoyed reading the stories sleep well Siba and Saba and Giraffes can’t dance. We had a go at recreating a new ending to the story sleep well Siba and Saba by creating new dreams for the girls then we retold the story of Giraffes can’t dance by pretending we were Gerald.


In our Maths lessons, we have started to explore numbers to 50 and have been working on place Value. We started to add and subtract numbers to 20 and used our number bonds to help us as well as using tens frames, part whole models and number lines. We have had to be real effort elephants in our Math lessons this term as it has been tricky at times!


We have had lots of fun exploring with the E.A.R.L.S in our computing lessons and have become great at programming them to complete simple instructions. We have also enjoyed completing map work in our Geography lessons and pretending to go on an African safari!


This term we have been thinking about our school values ‘WE CARE’ and have tried hard to incorporate this into our learning. In our class, we have been thinking about collaboration and how by working together we can share and achieve goals and targets as well as thinking about excellence and how we can use our growth mind set animals to help us.

Term 2

This term we have been focusing on ‘What was life like for Victorian Children?” We have spent this term discovering and learning all about the Victorians and we have had a lot of fun doing so. In our History lessons we have been lucky enough to explore different Victorian artefacts and had lots of fun trying to work out what they were, we couldn’t believe the differences and similarities that we discovered between now and then.


In our English lessons we have enjoyed reading a range of different texts. We started the term off by reading the story ‘Old Bear’ we then had a go at changing the story and created lots of new exciting characters and we thought about different ways in which our new character could be rescued from the attic just like in the story Old Bear. We have also had a go at writing some information texts about the Victorians, we then recorded what we found out in the style of Horrible Histories!


During our Maths lessons we have been working on adding and subtracting to 10, we have looked at a range of methods in which we can solve different problems. We had to be real Persevering penguins with some of our challenges but we felt so proud when we managed to solve them.  


In our Art sessions we have loved creating some of our own Victorian pottery. We enjoyed listening to the story behind the Willow plates and then had a go at creating our own. Our next step will be making our own clay vases.


We have enjoyed exploring the different countries in the UK and had lots of fun learning about our capital city.

Term 1

Welcome to 1BC!


This term we have been focusing on ‘ourselves’. In our science lessons we have enjoyed learning about the different body parts, the 5 senses and carrying out interesting investigations!


We enjoyed reading the story ‘what makes me a me’ and we thought about what makes us different to others. We then wrote a letter to Miss Caunter and Mrs Hughes telling them all about ourselves. Recently we have read the story ‘Peace at Last’ and even had a go at writing our own version with new characters. We had to think about how to describe them and what might keep them awake!


We have been exploring number during our Maths sessions and have been great at ordering numbers, representing numbers using different resources and have been using new language ‘greater than’ ‘less than’ and equal to.


In our Art sessions we had a go at using different materials to be able to create collage self-portraits and we really enjoyed it!


We have enjoyed exploring the different countries in the UK and had lots of fun learning about our capital city.