Miss Drew

Term 5

We have been loving our Eco Superhero topic! We’ve been finding out all about how to protect the environment. We have also been learning about important inventions throughout history, such as compostable toilets!

In Science, we have been learning about plants. We are using hydroponics to grow bean seeds using just water. We have also learned about life cycles of plants, and the functions of the parts of a flower. We used glitter to re-enact seed dispersal.

In Art, we have been learning how to sew! We showed fantastic perseverance as it was quite tricky! We will be creating a piece in the style of Kelli May Crenz at the end of term.

Term 4

We have loved carrying on with our History based topic!


In Maths, we have been learning about weighing and measuring. Can you see us comparing lengths and heights? We also learned how to measure the capacity and volume of liquid containers.

In Art, we drew Tudor houses using the correct proportion and we learned about the features of a Tudor house. This linked into our learning about The Great Fire of London, and why it spread so badly!

We also practised our collaging skills in preparation for making 3D Tudor houses – we’ve started them!


In Science, we have been learning about our bodies, in particular human needs such as nutrition and exercise.

Term 3

We have been loving our topic about The Tudors!


In Art, we have been creating Tudor portraits.

In RE we have been exploring the Jewish and Christian wedding ceremonies. We looked at the promises they make and the sorts of promises we could make. We also looked in depth at the wedding vows, and had discussions about our opinions of their level of importance… and difficulty!

In History, we have learned all about the Tudor period. We have learned loads about Henry VIII, and we made a ‘Quiz Cube’ which we took home to show our families all that we had learned!


In PSHE, we explored healthy eating. We made a class ‘plate’ to show the proportions of the different food groups that we should eat. There was only 1 cake unfortunately!

We have been doing a super job of looking after our class stick insect – Tony. We feed him a variety of leaves, and have loved looking at him under the microscope. A

Term 2

We have been continuing our topic about India.

In RE, made paper lanterns for Diwali, and thought about things that make us feel ‘full of light’. We added these to the flames.

We made clay Diva lamps in Art – we were really good at squashing and squeezing! Then we decorated them with beautiful patterns.

In Maths, we have started multiplication. We have been working on equal groups and repeated addition so far.

In Computing, we have been learning about programming using the EARL robot.

Term 1

We have really been enjoying our India topic!

In Geography, we have been finding out about the climate there. We couldn’t believe how much rain they have during monsoon season! We also learned about the different landscapes, habitats and animals that live there. In English, we focused on the story of Augustus and his Smile, and had a go at writing our own versions with different Indian animals. We also learned lots about red pandas.

In Science, we have been learning about different materials and their properties. We looked at how fabrics are traditionally dyed in India, and we conducted an experiment using different types of natural dyes, such as pomegranates and turmeric.

In Art, we have been colour mixing and painting. This will lead up to us creating our own Rangoli art.

In RE, we have been looking at different communities and Bible stories.