Miss Lockyear

Term 5

Pupils in Year 4 enjoyed a visit from Mandy Briggs from the New Room in central Bristol this week. She came to talk to us all about John Wesley, who founded Methodism and set up the first Methodist church in Bristol. The children are learning about John Wesley as part of their current R.E. topic, ‘How Can We Live and Who Inspires Us?’ The children learned about how John Wesley helped to promote education for all, supported the abolition of slavery and travelled the country, preaching and encouraging people to do good where they can. During the visit, the children joined in with some drama to retell the story of John Wesley’s life, which they all seemed to enjoy.

Term 4

This term in Geography we are learning about coastlines and how the different features can form. To investigate this we created a mini beach in a tray, added some sea and then created waves. The sand was gradually ‘pulled’ from the beach and unfortunately some of the lego houses fell into the sea! Then we tried creating some coastal defences such as a sea wall, rock armour and groynes to see which was the most effective at protecting the coastline. It was great fun and brought our learning to life!

Pupils dressed as their favourite book characters for World Book Day. They embraced the event with some fantastic costumes of characters from across the world of literature. The Worst Witch (we had 5!), Harry Potter and Matilda were particularly popular.

During the day they took part in the special, interactive lesson with the former children’s laureate Michael Rosen and then engaged in some book speed dating! It was an opportunity for children to talk about their favourite books and find out about some different ones that they might like to read in future.

Term 3

 To help our understanding of division and remainders, we have been using lollipop sticks to make shapes. We get a set number of sticks and make groups of 3 (triangle), 4 (square) or 5 (pentagon) and see how many full groups we can make. Then, if there are any left over that don’t make a complete group, this is the remainder. We definitely had fun and learned more about division!

 We have been learning about the water cycle and rivers this term, and learning the story of The Wind in the Willows. Linked to this in Art, we have been learning sketching techniques and practised these by drawing river creatures. You can make dark and light areas of the sketch to make it look 3D by using different pressure with the pencil. After this, we are going to make 3D sculptures of river creatures using clay!






Term 2

  As part of our RE lessons we found about the Hindu festival of Diwali.  We learned how Hindus celebrate this important festival and what traditions they follow.  We learned that Diwali celebrates the victory of light over darkness, good over evil.  We then made our own Diwali inspired light catchers; they will look amazing hanging in the window for the light to shine through!        

Term 1

    In 4JL we have been learning about teeth and digestion. We learned that there are 3 main types of teeth: incisors, canines and molars. Using clay, we created a set of teeth to understand the different shapes of teeth and where they go in the mouth. After that, we painted them to make them look realistic.


   As part of our topic on the Ancient Egyptians, 4JL have been learning about the process of mummification. We didn’t have any deceased pharaohs lying around so we learned how to mummify a tomato instead! First you have to scoop out all of the organs (seeds), then clean the tomato with holy water from the Nile (hand sanitiser) and then fill it with as much salt as possible. Then put it into a sarcophagus (plastic bag) and wait for the tomatofication process to take place!