Miss Sharp

Term 5

Pupils in Year 4 enjoyed a visit from Mandy Briggs from the New Room in central Bristol this week. She came to talk to us all about John Wesley, who founded Methodism and set up the first Methodist church in Bristol. The children are learning about John Wesley as part of their current R.E. topic, ‘How Can We Live and Who Inspires Us?’ The children learned about how John Wesley helped to promote education for all, supported the abolition of slavery and travelled the country, preaching and encouraging people to do good where they can. During the visit, the children joined in with some drama to retell the story of John Wesley’s life, which they all seemed to enjoy.

Term 4

In geography lessons, we have been learning about coasts and how they are formed. As part of the topic, we looked at different coastal features such as headlands, arches, bays and stacks. To consolidate our learning, we worked in pairs to make models of coasts from salt dough. The results were very effective. Can you spot a headland or stack in our models?


Pupil dressed as their favourite fictional characters for World Book Day. They embraced the event by donning some fantastic costumes of characters from across the world of literature. Costumes themed around Harry Potter, the Worst Witch and Matilda were particularly popular, as everyone unleashed their creativity.

During the day they took part in the special, interactive lesson with the former children’s laureate Michael Rosen and then engaged in some book speed dating! It was an opportunity for children to talk about their favourite books and find out about some different ones that they might like to read in future.

Have a look at some of the pictures from World Book Day.

Term 3

In science this term we have been looking at the properties of solids, liquid and gases. This topic involves lots of practical activities. During one lesson, we investigated what happens when solids are mixed with water. First, we made predictions about what would happen. We then observed what happened. Some solids like sand sank to bottom, the sugar and salt dissolved, and the flour created a suspension as it does not dissolve. In other lessons, we investigated the melting points of different foods and we also looked at how temperature affected rates of evaporation.

Term 2

The Georgians and the Slave Trade

In term 2, our history topic was ‘The Georgians and Bristol’s Link to Slavery’. The children learned about Bristol’s key role as a port in the triangular trade route.  They also learned about some of the key figures in Georgian times, such as Edward Colston and John Pinney, who both made their fortunes from slavery. Finally, they learned about how Georgians lived through researching artefacts and carrying out a virtual tour of Pinney’s home on the internet. In art lessons, the children were encouraged to think about what freedom means to them. They incorporated their ideas in a piece of artwork based on ‘Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt’, a book based on the real-life story of the underground railway. Have a look at our work.

4RS Super Movers!

In 4RS we have been busy practising our times tables and dance skills at the same time– with a little help from BBC Super Movers! Multiplication has very much been the focus in maths lessons this term. The children have been calculating facts, exploring patterns and solving problems involving a range of time tables. This is in preparation for the Year 4 Multiplication Check which takes place in June 2022. For the check, which is a statutory assessment, the children must answer 25 random multiplication questions up to 12 x 12. They are expected to be able to recall facts within three seconds. Regular practise is important and the children are encouraged to practise their times tables daily on Times Tables Rock Stars.

Pop-Up Books

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ was the stimulus for our Design and Technology project in December. The children created their own pop-up book version of the traditional festive poem. They explored a range of pop-up books and investigated different mechanisms such as levers, linkages and rotating wheels before designing and making their own books. The results were excellent. Have a look at some of the pictures taken.

Term 1
These are just some of the books we have been reading this term as we try to foster a love of reading in the class. During literacy lessons, we have been using ‘The Story of Tutankhamun’ by Patricia Cleveland-Peck as the focus for our writing for most of this term. We have used it to help write instructions for mummification and descriptions of the pharaoh’s tomb. In guided reading lessons, we have read the ‘Winter’s Child and ‘Leon and the Place Between’ by Angela McAllister. Finally, the children are really enjoying our class book, ‘The Legend of Sally Jones!’ by Jakob Wegelius. It follows of the twists and turns in the life of a gorilla, snatched as a baby from the Borneo jungle by hunters. She has been a jewel thief in Istanbul, broken into a zoo to rescue her friend and performed in a travelling circus. We are not sure what she’s going to do next!

The children also took part in an archaeological dig this term! They enjoyed discovering a range of Egyptian artefacts and suggesting what they would be used for. Among the artefacts were ankhs, canopic jars and scarab beetles! You can see some pictures here.

As part of our work on the Egyptians, we have been learning all about the process of mummification. Once we understood the process, we tested it out ourselves…… on tomatoes! As well as learning about this gruesome part of history, the activity also allowed us to practise our observation skills in science and we used our literacy skills to write some fantastic instructions afterwards. Here are a few photos of us carrying out the experiment.