Miss Tully

Term 5

Butterfly Class have enjoyed finding out about plants and minibeasts this term. We have been out in the garden exploring the changes to plants and looking for minibeasts to observe! We have learnt about the different parts of plants. We have been growing our own bean seeds. We have been looking after some caterpillars and finding out about the changes that happen as they grow!

Term 4

Butterfly Class have been very busy this term. We have been exploring the theme of ‘Once Upon a time…’ We have been learning the story of the Gingerbread Man. We have been working really hard on creating story maps and learning to write sentences for our stories.

We have also been busy learning all about number bonds to 10 in Numeracy.

We have enjoyed learning how to programme the beebots to follow instructions.

Term 3

Butterfly Class have been showing how well they have developed their skills at working collaboratively this term. Collaboration is one of our school values. In Butterfly Class, we have been learning and playing together in all areas of learning. When we support each other and work together, we are able to solve problems and learn new things.

Term 2

Butterfly Class have been exploring numbers to 5 this term. We have learnt to recognise the numbers to 5 in different representations. We have also learnt to count groups of objects and recognise which groups have more or fewer.

We have also been busy learning our initial letter sounds. We have been learning to write the letters and we have begun to read and spell cvc words!

We have also enjoyed finding out about the Hindu festival of Diwali this term.

Term 1

Butterfly Class have been settling in to their new class brilliantly! We have loved exploring all the different activities and making many new friends!