Mr Frost

Term 5

6NF have thoroughly enjoyed their study of Howl’s Moving Castle (written by Diana Wynn Jones). They also relished the opportunity to watch the Studio Ghibli film adaptation. Based on the book, pupils have written descriptively to explore Sophie’s transformation into old age, as a result of an evil curse by the Witch of the Waste. They have written formally to explain the different functions of Howl’s Castle and how it works.


In Art, we have also studied how to draw anime characters and have based our artwork around this style of drawing. We have transformed our own self-portraits into the anime style and also mimicked characters from the film.

Term 4

In 6NF this term we have harnessed our creative side and explored the Arts. As part of our study of the ancient Maya, we have researched this ancient civilisation’s artwork and designed and made our own Maya clay tiles. What do you think our designs represent? The art forms of the Maya were often dedicated to the Gods and used to explain the world around them. Have we captured the authenticity of their artwork in our own pieces?


In T4, we have continued our Rocksteady tuition and formed bands. Here we are practising our instruments and rehearsing as a band. We have been allocated different songs, which we will be eventually perform to an audience.

Term 3

In Year 6, we are lucky to have Rock Steady Music coming in to teach us! Throughout the next term we will be forming rock bands in our classes. This will give us the opportunity to take part in playing the guitar, bass, keyboard and drums, as well as singing. We have recently had our first taster sessions are exceptionally excited to take the music industry by storm with our new bands!


In Art this term we have studied the controversial art form of graffiti. We have discussed the controversial nature of graffiti and enjoyed debating the pros and cons of graffiti and to what extent it is art or just a mess- the children got very involved with this discussion. We have studied famous graffiti artists such as Dondi White. Through our cross-curricular approach, we looked at the Berlin Wall and the history of this guarded concrete barrier that physically and ideologically divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989. We produced our own anti-war graffiti pieces conveying messages of peace and unity.

Term 2


Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed our World War 1 topic this term. We have done lots of Cross-curricular working: linking History, PSHE and English together. Following anti-bullying week, we looked at the life of Walter Tull and the reasoning behind him not receiving a Military Cross. We then wrote letters to Ben Wallace (The Secretary State of the Armed Forces) regarding this matter. Fingers crossed we will receive a response soon!


This term, we have begun looking at data – we started off our topic by creating bar charts and pictograms. We thought carefully about the use of scales and creating a key. Take a look at some of our great work below!

Term 1

6NF have settled into life in Year 6 incredibly well. They have fostered a ‘Passion for Reading’ and undertaken some outstanding learning in our English topics. We have been studying the book “The Savage” by David Almond and illustrated by Dave McKean. This dark and sinister graphic novel has inspired a range of writing, imitating the suspenseful narrative of the author.


Our diary entries are written from the perspective of an evil bully named Hopper. Whilst writing these diary entries, we tried to show empathy towards this character and unpicked all his struggles in life. We also explored the devices an author uses to create suspense and tension. To vary our writing styles, we studied journalistic tone and wrote newspaper articles reporting the strange and bizarre goings-on in Saltwell as a result of the antics of the Savage.