Mrs Barrow

Term 6
Using their sketches from the previous week, the children used proportion to ‘scale up’ their sketches on to A3 sugar paper. They use a range of charcoal and chalk pastels to create a Stone Age picture of their prehistoric animal. The children then peer assessed each other’s work a provided targets for next time  
Term 5

Year 4 enjoyed sharing their persuasive Forest of Dean leaflets with Year 3 this week. Year 3 were impressed by their incredible presentation and use of persuasive language - they can't wait to go to the Forest of Dean next year! Year 4 also had a chance to read some of the descriptive Stone Age diaries and stories that Year 3 had completed. 

Term 4

Year 3 were incredibly lucky to have a visit from Richard who works at Greenpeace!

Our new topic is Going Green and we loved learning all about the importance of climate change and how we can help our environment. Richard spoke to us about the effect plastic in our oceans is having on animals and how we help by refusing to use single waste plastic!

After our visit, we completed a classroom activity looking at our carbon footprint. We all decided on three different ways we can reduce our carbon foot print:

  1. Turn off the lights!
  2. Turn off the taps!
  3. Try to buy food locally.

3LB have thoroughly enjoyed learning to play the ukulele. They can now name all of the different parts of the instrument, and have learnt to play different chords accompanied by singing. They have learnt how to identify the tempo, pitch and rhythm of different songs too.

Term 3

3LB have loved learning all about Cheba, a local Bristolian street artist. They enjoyed meeting Andy Council on Zoom, one of Cheba’s fellow street artists too, and even spotted his famous dinosaur art work on their trip to M Shed! The children have used a variety of skills to create their own brightly coloured stencilling creations – keep your eye out for a fantastic display of their work outside the classroom next term!

Year 3 were incredibly lucky to go to the M Shed for our school trip this term!

Our topic for this term is “The Bristol Time Traveller” and we have been focusing on how the floating harbour has changed over the past 200 years! We have learnt many new words within out topic including trade, regeneration and primary sources. We focused our learning on a few important buildings such as the M Shed and discovered that it used to be used for storing items for trade i.e. tobacco, tealeaves and cotton.

During our unit, we learnt all about the importance of the chocolate industry and how this effected Bristol. Did you know that Fry’s invented the first ever Easter Egg right here in Bristol? We were lucky enough to visit the M Shed and take part in a chocolate workshop where we investigated a range of primary and secondary sources! We also managed to leave with our very own piece of chocolate…yum!

Term 2


3LB have thoroughly enjoyed their Music sessions with Sadie from Bristol Plays Music this term. They have been learning lots of musical terminology including pitch, rhythm and tempo. They have used different percussion instruments to play ‘The Roast Dinner samba’ and have learnt to play in rounds.



This term Year 3 have been learning all about Light and Shadows. As well as learning about how light travels, opaque, translucent and transparent materials and how shadows are formed, they also learnt about reflective materials and how mirrors work. They enjoyed wrapping up in the cold to write secret messages using mirrors and create a tricky mirror maze for their partner!

Term 1

3LB had an exciting morning as they had an intruder in school! The children were detectives and inspected the crime scene as well as interviewing an eye witness. The children then explored the book of The Iron Man and planned and wrote persuasive letters in role as Hogarth. Well done Year 3!

In PSHE this term, Year 3 have been practising team work skills. They decided that listening, taking turns, contributing and persevering were very important. They had lots of fun using these teamwork skills to complete the Task Master challenge of creating their own cartoon character only using the materials on their table.