Mrs Boxall-Clasby

Term 4

Year 6 have been trying extremely hard this term, and as a thank you for their hard work, we treated them to an Easter egg hunt! Here are some action shots from our hunt. Happy Easter - have a wonderful, safe half term!

We now have our bands for Rock Steady Music – we have been having lots of fun learning a song of our choice and practising ready for a big performance for the future! Take a look at some pictures of us having lots of fun in our group.

Term 3

In Year 6, we are lucky to have Rock Steady Music coming in to teach us! Throughout the next term we will be forming bands in our classes, this will give us the opportunity to take part in playing the guitar, bass, keyboard and drums, as well as singing.

Term 2


Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed our World War 1 topic this term. We have done lots of Cross-curricular working: linking History, PSHE and English together. Following anti-bullying week, we looked at the life of Walter Tull and the reasoning behind him not receiving a Military Cross. We then wrote letters to Ben Wallace (The Secretary State of the Armed Forces) regarding this matter. Fingers crossed we will receive a response soon!


This term, we have begun looking at data – we started off our topic by creating bar charts and pictograms. We thought carefully about the use of scales and creating a key. Take a look at some of our great work below!

Term 1

6BC have settled into their new class incredibly well; Ms BC and Mrs Morgan are particularly proud of how rich and developed our discussions are in class and how many children put their hand up to share their ideas. 6BC- you are brilliant!

Below are some examples of our amazing learning.

During English lessons, we have been studying the book “The Savage” by David Almond and illustrated by Dave Mckean. The diary entries we have written, are from the perspective of an evil bully named Hopper. Whilst writing these diary entries, we tried to show empathy towards this character and unpicked all his struggles in life.

For Geography, we participated in an exploration of the different types of maps, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of online and OS maps. In our pictures, we were investigating keys and finding out what the symbols on maps could mean- turns out there are a lot of symbols! We needed great team work for this giant task. We finally spent some time investigating the place we live as well as Morfa bay.