Mrs Cope

Term 4

Year 3 were incredibly lucky to have a visit from Richard who works at Greenpeace!

Our new topic is Going Green and we loved learning all about the importance of climate change and how we can help our environment. Richard spoke to us about the effect plastic in our oceans is having on animals and how we help by refusing to use single waste plastic!

After our visit, we completed a classroom activity looking at our carbon footprint. We all decided on three different ways we can reduce our carbon foot print:

  1. Turn off the lights!
  2. Turn off the taps!
  3. Try to buy food locally.

3AC have thoroughly enjoyed learning to play the ukulele. They can now name all of the different parts of the instrument, its origin and have learnt to play different chords accompanied by singing. They have learnt how to identify the tempo, pitch and rhythm of different songs too. They are able to correct themselves when playing a chord incorrectly by the sound it makes which is impressive! We are looking forward to our performance at the end of term to share online with our peers and parents too.

Term 3

Year 3 were incredibly lucky to go to the M Shed for our school trip this term!

Our topic for this term is “The Bristol Time Traveller” and we have been focusing on how the floating harbour has changed over the past 200 years! We have learnt many new words within out topic including trade, regeneration and primary sources. We focused our learning on a few important buildings such as the M Shed and discovered that it used to be used for storing items for trade i.e. tobacco, tealeaves and cotton.

During our unit, we learnt all about the importance of the chocolate industry and how this effected Bristol. Did you know that Fry’s invented the first ever Easter Egg right here in Bristol? We were lucky enough to visit the M Shed and take part in a chocolate workshop where we investigated a range of primary and secondary sources! We also managed to leave with our very own piece of chocolate…yum!

On 14th January, as part of our Art topic where we are looking at the stencil work of Cheba, we spoke to local graffiti artist Andy Council. The children had some questions prepared for Andy asking about his art, how he comes up with his ideas and how he is allowed to paint on walls etc. in Bristol. He also showed us a piece of work he is currently working on.


His top tip for all budding artists was to "draw very lightly first" in case you need to rub it out! 


We really enjoyed speaking to a local artist! Thanks Andy for making yourself available to speak with Year 3! 

We are nearly finished completing our very own Cheba inspired stencil art. We have completed our first week of stencilling, focusing on blending as the two primary colours meet and this week we will be adding to our paintings by covering over our painted strips and adding brighter colours to fill in the white spaces. We cannot wait to see how they turn out! Watch this space.


Term 2


This term in 3AC we have really enjoyed our music lessons with Sadie from Bristol Plays Music. Our singing has really improved, particularly matching pitch and also mirroring rhythms and phrases Sadie sings to us. We have loved playing the different instruments during the Samba Dinner and taking turns also.

PSHE – Anti-Bullying Week
This term we have explored the saying ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. We talked a lot about how to resolve conflicts through working together. We acted out different scenarios where we had to listen to each other’s point of views and come up with a solution together. We are really good at finding a resolution now which makes both sides happy!

Term 1
In 3AC we have been learning all about James and the Giant Peach. We learnt all about extended noun phrases, verbs, adverbs and
prepositions to create a Wanted poster for the insects who have since gone missing! The children used their creative licenses
to draw the reader in and offer rewards if these insects are found!
They are on display in our classroom so do come in and have a look.